Crisis time for the hotel sales manager

Hotel sales managers anticipate crisis management

Hotel sales managers anticipate crises

Here’s a short quiz for all you hotel sales managers out there. It’s on the topic of time management, and we all know that getting control of your time is crucial for maximizing you the amount of time you’re actually doing hotel sales. For earlier information on this topic, please see my earlier blog post titled “Great Hospitality Sales People Spend 75% of Their Day Selling.”

The purpose of this little quiz is to see how you handle crisis management as you go about your hotel sales day.

Question one: Do you build cushions into your day to allow time to respond to unexpected crisis? Hotel sales managers with strong time management skills sit down at the beginning of the day or the end of the day prior to put their to-do list together. These hotel sales pros should be anticipating where a crisis could occur. As a result, when the crisis occurs they’re not wiped out. They actually put time aside and anticipate that this particular task might take longer, this could cause a problem, there could be some feedback, this may affect a guest or a customer, this may affect one of my employees, etc. so I’ll set some time aside so they can deal with it. Now if the emergency or crisis occurs he or she has has time to deal with it. If the crisis doesn’t occur, they have just gotten the gift of time back. And what should the hotel sales manager do with that time? Spend it on their flat list, of course.

Number two: When goals are set, do you evaluate where potential crisis situations could creep up? Hotel sales managers with strong time management skills are always looking ahead. How does what they do now affect what’s going to happen in an hour? In two days? In two months? These top hotel sales pros, those with strong time management skills, slow down enough and anticipate. If you don’t slow down you’ll never see the crisis. Sometimes you don’t even see the crisis after it’s occurred.

It’s much like the old woodsman who could fell more trees and chop more wood than younger, stronger guys in the same field. He was able to do that in half the chopping time because he spent the other half of his time sharpening his ax. Similarly, the hotel sales pros who takes time to anticipate crises as they plan will get into less crises to begin with.

Question number three: After a crisis occurs, do you speak with those involved in an effort to avoid the crisis occurring in the future? You know the old adage: fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. So another approach might be warranted. You might want to talk to catering, your DoS, other hotel sales managers, etc. to avoid the problem in the future. Have you ever heard the saying “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results”? Researchers aren’t really sure who first came up with that one, but the current consensus is that it came from the author Rita Mae Brown in her book “Sudden Death” from 1983.  (Most people attribute this quote to Albert Einstein but there is no evidence to suggest that he ever made this statement.)

So if you are (figuratively) taking a plug and sticking it in the wall and it doesn’t fit and you keep trying it again, and again, and again, that’s insanity folks. The question becomes one of what are you going to do different, because this is not going to work.

So if you want to maximize your efforts as a great hotel sales manager, be both proactive and analytical in your approach to crisis management.

Posted 10/8/12

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