Hotel sales training: morphing into negotiations

hotel sales training helps you avoid tug of wars

Good hotel sales training helps you to know when you are in the negotiating phase

In my hotel sales training sessions, I speak often and at length about the need to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your own hotel, as well as that of the competition. Feel free to browse the blog of hotel sales training here on the site and you’ll see such topics as:

  • Hotel sales pros & your property’s strengths
  • Should a hospitality sales manager burn the competition?
  • Hotel sales people have to distinguish their hotel from the competition
  • Hotel sales pros & your property’s flaws
  • How to win a hotel competition
  • Hotel sales pros & the anticipatable objection
  • Hotel sales pros & the Matrix

So after you get hotel sales training that helps you identify how to identify strengths and weaknesses of your hotel vs. others, you need to know what to do when your hotel’s weaknesses match up unfavorably with the competition’s strengths. This can be a real problem.

And this would be the moment when you need to morph from removing resistance at the point of sale to negotiating. It’s going to sound like this: “Lindsay, you’re right, we don’t have that feature want available at our hotel. And the other hotel you’re looking at does have that. Tell you what I’m going to do, this is how we’re going to address that…” So now you’re stepping right into negotiating. That’s a critical hotel sales training skill, and that’s how you know that you’ve just entered the negotiating phase.

So at this point you offer other incentives to make your flaws diminish or go away. For example, if you don’t have an airport shuttle to your hotel, you can provide transportation at your cost. Or you can lower the rates on something else. Let you hotel sales training kick in and work up a list a negotiable items at you hotel that can be altered to overcome the objection.

Another one of the keys to being able to negotiate for your hotel is to negotiate the entire deal as a package. Fortunately, I’ve got a free hotel sales training video for you that describes how to do this. Good meeting planners are trained in the “divide and conquer” technique, negotiating one item as a time. Don’t fall into that trap and get this hotel sales training video and learn how to avoid it.

As an aside, if your competition is getting good hotel sales training, the sales managers there will know that this is a point of resistance that is very difficult for you to overcome, and they know what their strengths are. You need to assume that the folks over at that other hotel have gotten the same hotel sales training so that you’re ready to compete.

Posted 10/15/12


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