Hotel sales time waster: too many meetings

hotel sales meetings cost money

Hotel sales managers waste too much time in meetings.

In the area of hotel sales management, we have too many meetings between 9 and 5. Every second that you spend in a hotel sales or other meeting between 9 and 5 is a second that you could have spent soliciting a previously unsold hotel sales account.

So I beg those of you in hotel sales, stop planning your meetings between 9 and 5. You’ve got to take charge of that. If your director of hotel sales is constantly putting their meetings between 9 and 5, there is a high probability they’re between 9 and 5 because it’s convenient for him or her. I don’t care what’s convenient for your director of sales. It’s not best for your hotel sales efforts.

If you’re having your menu reading meetings between 9 and 5 there’s a high probability that you’re having them between 9 and 5 because it’s convenient for the chef. It doesn’t matter what’s convenient for the chef. The chef doesn’t make the hotel sales manager his or her money.

To get your meetings done more effectively, there are a number of things you can do other than meet other than business hours. Here are some tips to make your meetings run more quickly and smoothly:

  • Don’t meet unless necessary. Avoid a meeting if the same information could be covered in a memo, e-mail or brief report. It’s truly amazing the number of meetings that aren’t even necessary.
  • Turn two meetings into one. If the same attendees are required for more than one topic, combine the meetings to take advantage of having all the players present.
  • Set objectives for the Meeting. Before planning the meeting agenda, determine its objective. The more concrete your objectives, the more focused your agenda will be.
  • Create an agenda beforehand. The agenda needs to include a short description of the meeting objectives , a list of the topics to be covered and a list of who is expected to provide input or information. Then, follow the agenda closely!
  • One of my favorites is to get on the agenda first, or at least very early. Get your business done. If I’m going to speak about an incoming group, I want everyone to know this is what’s going to happen. e.g. there’s no group lunch this day so restaurant you’re going to need extra staff to handle the crowd.  We’ve got a bus arriving at a certain time, so front desk you’d better be ready with their reg and key packets, and so on. Whatever it is, you should try to go early so you can get in and get out if other topics are discussed that don’t need your input.
  • Assign action items. At the end of each meeting decide how to act on it.
  • And periodically, examine your meeting process. Ideally at the end of the meeting (but this can be done later if needed) assess what took place and making a plan to improve the next meeting.

 The bottom line for hotel sales is that the meetings should be efficient and not held in prime selling time. 

Posted 11/5/12

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