Hotel sales people need to take advantage of a sales vacuum

create a hotel sales vortex

Introducing the hotel sales vacuum.

The hotel sales vacuum is a crucial point that I want to introduce you to.

A hotel sales vacuum is an environment in which you’re going to go and block off one full hour, and you’re going to do nothing but make hotel sales calls to those on your flat list.

If you’re in a hotel sales office with ten different cubicles and you try to make calls to your flat list during that hour, it isn’t going to work. There are too many people shouting and screaming, too many radios playing, too many people bringing in cakes. But if you have an office in your hotel where you can get alone with your computer (optional, but preferred) and a phone, yet is quiet, that’ll satisfy this need. If you need to make these hotel sales calls from home—in the old days, we thought that was a bad idea—I don’t care anymore. If we can provide you with a guest room or suite that’s never occupied or a meeting room that we use for staff meetings, you might want to turn that into your flat list hour of power call room.

We have some directors of hotel sales that have taken an empty closet somewhere that no one uses and turned it into the hour of power room and you have to sign up for it in advance.  If you need to go down to your car and use your cell-phone, go ahead. Whatever hotel sales environment that you can create for yourself (or better yet, your director of sales, GM, or director of catering creates for you), you need the ability to block the world off for that hour.

I’ll tell you, the hotel had better be on fire before you get interrupted.

Create a hotel sales vacuum for yourself — you’ll be amazed at what you can get done with some serious, uninterrupted sales time.

Posted 11/12/12

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