Hospitality sales and the trial close

hospitality sales pros use the trial close

Hospitality sales pros use the trial close to find out where they are in the negotiating process.

Hospitality sales professionals are always trying to get the customer to “yes” in a way that’s in the best interests of both parties. One of the methods to stay on tract is the trial close.

Here’s an example: “How does this sound, Sheila? Are we getting close? You think we’re getting close enough to start preparing a contract?” That’s quite a bit different from “Would it be OK if I send you a contract?” or “Should I start thinking about preparing a contract right now?”

Hospitality sales veterans know that If the answer to a trial close is yes, it’s time to move forward. If the answer is no, you’re not ready to close. You might have a point of resistance that needs to be removed. At this point in hospitality sales you’re going to be pushed back in the system, and you’re not closing. In fact, you’re not even negotiating.

You know that at this point you have a point of resistance. The point of resistance may be a simple request for information, so if you think you’re ready to close and the client resists, step back and find out why not. You’ll want to ask questions of the client to see just what this point of resistance is.

The trial close will always let the seasoned hospitality sales person know where in the process he or she is.

Posted 12/3/12

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