Great hotel sales people change their voicemail

Update your v/m!

Proper use of voicemail in hotel sales can be critical to your success.

We’ve spent years of research investigating what distinguishes the best hotel sales people and others that sell in the hospitality industry.  Some results are obvious — others, not so much.

Here’s one that’s extremely important.  In the ongoing effort to identify new accounts, and to build credibility in the industry, hotel sales managers have to be available when people call. However, we haven’t figured out how to clone ourselves, so the best hotel sales people can do is get back to people as quickly as possible when they call. A common denominator of great hotel sales people is that they change their voice mail on a daily basis.

Here’s an example of your morning message: “Hi, this is Steve in the hotel sales office, and today is Thursday March 15th. I am in the office today however I’m out on the floor with customers giving a site inspection. If you leave a message, I promise to get back to you before 11 o’clock.”  For the afternoon message, “I promise to get back to you before 4 o’clock,” then when you call back before 11 o’clock or 4 o’clock you’re actually demonstrating credibility.

Have your office voicemail transfer to your cell phone if you’re going to be out of the hotel sales office, so now you have to change your cell phone message too. “Hi, this is Steve. Today is Thursday March 15th. I am out on sales calls with my customers, however if you leave I message I promise to get back to you within the hour.”  Then you call back within the hour, “Hey, I know you called Mary, I was out on hotel sales calls but I know it must have been important. How can I help you?” Bam, bona fide sale, genuine credibility, eliminating their need to call the competition.

Homework assignment: Go back and change your voicemail!

Posted 3/15/12

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  1. Bill Johnson
    6 years ago

    Wow, I never thought of this. I wonder why my bosses have never taught me this technique? It’ll talke getting used to, but I think it will be well worth it to bild my cred. Thanks!

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