Hotel Sales Pros Have Poise

Poise is essential when negotiating

Negotiating for the hotel sales manager includes many factors, but one of the requirements is that you need to have poise and be in control when you begin negotiating, especially when doing so face to face.

Are you, as a hospitality or hotel sales manager, poised when you negotiate? If you answered no, it’s probably due either to inexperience or that you’re uncomfortable speaking publically. In either case, you can remedy that with time and experience. But as a dedicated hotel sales pro, you want to accelerate the process so that you are poised and in control sooner rather than later. When you appear poised and in control it is a strong positioning statement.

So how does a hotel sales manager develop poise if it’s lacking in his or her life? First, if you have self confidence, then you will have poise. The two dovetail. Getting self-confidence comes from knowing that you’ve done as much as possible to be ready for whatever comes at you. This is true in all aspects of your life, not just in your role as a hotel sales pro.

In a very general sense, your self-confidence will be boosted by being aware of the world around you. The hotel sales professional is well rounded. Be ready to discuss a variety of topics that may be of interest to your clients such as current events. That will show you are well grounded and interesting. People like to do business with people (including hotel sales managers!) that they find interesting.

This leads us to the specific: be aware of what’s going on in the client’s own world. This means the hotel sales pro will research the client company or organization and this particular piece of business, especially if it is recurring. I can’t emphasize this enough. You must know everything you can about these things to have the confidence that you can respond to the client needs. This will give you poise.

Another tip for become self-confident and poised is to practice for those situations that you can anticipate. Try doing some role plays with your hotel sales manager, another hotel sales person, or even your significant other. It’s always been true in giving speeches to a group that lots of practice ramps up confidence and poise. The same applies to smaller meetings, such as one-on-one negotiations with the client.

In short, practice means preparedness, which gives you confidence, which leads to poise. It’s essential to negotiating well.

Posted 4/23/12

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