Hospitality sales and time management

Time management means more time for hospitality sales

Great hospitality sales people spend 75% of their day selling.

Great hospitality sales people share several different factors that set them apart from the average. How do we know this? Over the years, we’ve done extensive studies to determine these common denominators for the group in great detail. Despite the fact that those in hospitality sales are a largely diverse group, there are common traits and actions that the great ones have and do. So whether you’re new to the business or a seasoned veteran, whether your hotel is a resort or a big city property, whether the hotel is an airport property of on the beach, whether your hotel has even been built yet, the great hospitality sales pros do several things alike.

When it comes to time management, great hospitality sales people spend 75% of their day selling. Where’s that coming from? 25% of hospitality sales is identifying new accounts, 25% of hospitality sales is making presentations to new accounts, and 25% of hospitality sales is handling inquiry requests whether they be electronic or telephone. Are you a 75%er or are you a 14%er? We find from our studies that many hospitality sales folks spend just 14% of their time selling. If you’re only a 14%er, if you were to double that and get to 28% of your day in the sales mode you would be doubling your productivity as a result. If you got to 50% you would be tripling your hospitality sales productivity. Think about that…

So if you’re not currently spending much time selling, spending 50% of your day doing so seems to be reasonable, while 75% is very idealistic. That’s a perfect hospitality sales world. I’m not really sure how capable we are day in and day out of spending 75% of our day selling. But we certainly ought to be shooting for 50% of our hospitality sales day selling.


 Posted 5/21/12


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  1. Steve Steinhart
    6 years ago

    Margot…. You issues are common. It is critical that you say no when other people’s priorities are made your own. You are a revenue generating sales person and if your time is diluted with operational or administrative tasks you will always have difficulty getting to 50%. Be gentle but firm when you ask if the tasks that are being delegated can be performed before 9 am or after 5 pm which are recognized as prime selling times…

  2. Margot
    6 years ago

    This is a great goal, but my boss keeps dumping things on me to do, so getting to 50% seems almost impossible to me. Thoughts?

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