Hotel sales pros limit procrastination


In examining some of the great hotel sales time robbers that affect us, we have to take a look at procrastination.

Do you often say to yourself, “I’ll get to my hotel sales, I’ll get to it, I’ll get to it”? That’s procrastination.

Would you gladly do tomorrow that which you could have easily done today? That’s procrastination.

Do you have an item showing up on your to-do list day after day after day? That’s procrastination.

In these cases, usually either you don’t really have to do it or you’re frightened of doing it. When you’re frightened of doing something it’s typically not because we’re really scared of it; it’s because it’s overwhelming. This is what we call an overwhelming A.

It could be marketing plan time, it could be a revised budget, it could be your action plans are due and you don’t have them in yet. And you say to yourself, “this task is important, but it’s going to take 6 hours to finish, and I just don’t have 6 hours before lunch (or my next appointment, or whatever).”

Let me share with you how to attach these large, high priority chores, particularly the ones that take your time from hotel sales. Do a little bit now, and then do a little bit later. Do something to keep moving the ball forward. Maybe if it’s the marketing plan; first thing I would do is get last year’s numbers. Second thing, maybe check with accounting and see if they can help pull up some stats. Next I’ve got to go meet with the front office manager and see what the patterns and trends are. These are lots of little steps that lead up to the big mission.

This is called “Swiss cheesing” or the Swiss Cheese Method. It’s not a fear of a task, it’s just that it’s so massive, you’ve got to do it in little pieces. You know the old joke about how you eat an elephant, right? The answer is “one bite at a time.”

So don’t be afraid, and don’t be overwhelmed.  Your primary task is hotel sales, but you sometimes have to attack an overwhelming task. Take little pieces out of the task just like holes in Swiss cheese, and you’re on your way to completing it.

Posted 7/2/12

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