Hotel sales pros & the anticipatable objection – example

Hotel sales pros beat the anticpatable objection

Hotel sales pros remove resistance at the point of sale: type 2 – an example

As I wrote last week, hotel sales pros recognize the type of sales resistance known as the anticipatable objection. Let me give you an example.

Marta Hayden was the executive director of the Monterey Conference Center in California for years and years.

Monterey Conference Center

If you’ve ever been to Monterey, you know that it’s a pretty spectacular location. Have you ever tried to get to Monterey, California? Truth is, if you’re coming from within California to get to Monterey, it’s no big deal. You’ll probably drive out to the coast, enjoying the wonderful view all the way.

If you’re coming from the east coast to get to Monterey however, you’ve got a real problem…

I asked her one day, “Marta, what’s your biggest sales problem for getting people to the convention center? What’s your biggest point of resistance?”

She didn’t need to ponder that more than a millisecond, “Accessibility.”

I said, “What do you do about it?”

She said, “Steve, as a hotel sales pro, I build it right into the presentation.”

I asked, “Can you explain to me?”

She says, “I go right up to a client, and say ‘Let me ask you a question. Accessibility is probably on your checklist right now on Monterrey. Let me tell you, it’s probably going to take two or even three plane flights to get to Monterrey. You’re probably going to have to fly from somewhere on the east coast to San Francisco, and then you’re going to have two choices. You’re either going to fly on the United Express. We have two flights a day that do come right in to Monterrey airport. They’re not incredibly convenient to your schedule but they’ll get you here. Or you can rent a car and drive the beautiful Highway 1 along the Pacific coast. It takes about two and a half hours. Either way, it’s not the most accessible destination in the world, but look what you get once you’re here! Monterrey is not for everyone, but if this is what you want, then it really doesn’t matter because your people are going to have to spend a whole day traveling anyway. Now let’s move on.”

Marta is a very talented and experienced hotel sales pro. She eliminates or defuses a point of resistance.

As a hotel sales pro, you need to know what your points of resistance are. Don’t get into something you can’t get out of. Don’t finish your site inspection and say, “Alright, there’s one more thing I need to bring to your attention. See the armed security guard in the lobby of our hotel? I want to assure you we have no theft issues…”

Hotel sales pros don’t paint themselves into a corner.


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Posted 8/20/12


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