Hotel sales people negotiate, not compromise

hospitality sales pros negotiate

Hotel sales people have to know there is a distinct difference between negotiation and compromise.

Most hotel salespeople think negotiating and compromise are the same thing. They are not. Knowing the difference forms a primary building block of your job description as a sales person in the hospitality industry.

Here’s the definition of negotiating when it applies to hotel sales. In order to effectively negotiate, the hotel sales person must get something in exchange for giving something. If all you did was give something, that may have been the right business decision, but trust me, you didn’t negotiate anything. Hotel sales people must get something in exchange if they want to call it negotiation. Number one on the list of negotiable items is the arrival and departure dates.

Great hotel sales people book business over the dates that their hotel most needs it, which is usually different from the dates that the customer requests. This thought process needs to go through your mind each time you are trying to book a group. Are you demonstrating flexibility with a customer? Are you offering alternative dates? Do you know your hotel sales books within a 90-120 day range well enough that when you do get a call in from a customer that sets off an alarm? When that happens, the hotel sales person can say to himself “I’ve got a chance at moving this into the dates- I know I’m going to book these dates, I’ll book these dates whether it’s today, tomorrow, or the next day, but if I can move these guys over here…“ And to make that happen with the client, you’ll probably have to negotiate. Give them something that gives them an incentive to move their dates if it will help the hotel sales picture. Now you’re making yourself valuable to your hotel.

Be a hotel sales negotiator, not a compromiser.

Posted 1/14/13


For the terrific book “The One Minute Negotiator” by Don Hutson and George Lucas, click here.


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  1. Micheal Villones
    5 years ago

    This is a great post, It is important to negotiate not only so you remain on top but also compromising will just de-value your property.

    I find to many other sales managers just settling for what the guest wants. This is because the manager does not know the difference between “wants” and “needs’. If proper CNA’s are completed you will never find yourself in a situation where you must compromise.

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