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Hotel sales people who excel share several common denominators.

In several earlier posts, I’ve talked about the common traits that great hotel sales people have. This applies whether the hotel they work for is  a great big giant hotel, a much smaller hotel, a at hotel in Canada,  a hotel in Orlando, a suburban property, a huge high-rise in the city, or one at a beach resort. We’ve done extensive research into what makes these hotel sales people great and we’ve narrowed them down to a list that if properly replicated, can skyrocket you hotel sales career.

You can read some of my earlier posts about some of these qualities:

These common denominators are all best practices that we’ve researched that exist among the truly great hotel salespeople. But let’s be really clear on what our goal is. If you could understand what these common denominators are, you could then bend them, shape them and mold them to fit not only your individual personality, but the market and size of your hotel that you’re trying to go after.

If you can do that, do you think you will book more business? And the answer is, well of course.

Our practice has always been that for the seasoned hotel sales veterans, we’re going to share these common denominators with you; you want to make sure that this is what you’re doing. If this is what you’re doing, good. That’s good coaching, you’re out there saying to yourself. “Thank God, I thought I was doing it right, and I am doing it right!” Good.

But if you’re not doing it right, this is the time to adjust. And by learning these best practices and common denominators, it’ll be an inside job. Just between you and me.

Often there is nobody there (particularly at small properties or with inexperienced directors of sales) to properly mentor and train you, and certainly nobody has done the research we have to even isolate these factors. They may get one or two. But we have worked with, tracked, interviewed, observed and investigated the hotel sales habits of the real hospitality sales pros, and nobody else is going to lay them out for you as we do.

So if you are truly dedicated to becoming not just an order taker but a true hotel sales pro, we urge you to study the many factors that we outline in these blogs and training videos. Start with the three above and continue to set time aside as these blog posts and training videos come out. By learning these best practices and putting them into practice, you’ll become the hotel sales pro you’ve committed to being.

Posted 2/4/13

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