The 5 Hospitality sales skills

hospitality sales steps

Hospitality sales people must do 5 skills in order.

Hospitality sales professionals must learn that there are five sales skills, and they proceed according to a fixed progression. You must start the selling process from hospitality sales skill number one. You must complete number one until you can move onto number two, you must complete 2 before you move onto 3, you must complete 3 before you move onto 4, and you must complete 4 before moving onto 5.

You cannot skip from hospitality sales skill number one directly to five; it doesn’t work that way. Hospitality sales is a process, not a series of random acts.

Hospitality sales skill skill number one is the identification of new accounts. Sales skill number 2 is making presentations to those accounts. Sales skill number three is removing resistance to the point of sale, where you’ve delivered your presentation, something’s wrong, and you need to discover what’s wrong so you can offer to remove it. Hospitality sales skill number four, negotiating, is the easiest of the five sales skills and the most overblown. And hospitality sales sales skill number five is closing.

You start with identifying potential clients—only by identifying the account can you make a presentation. Only when you’ve completed your presentation can you remove the resistance, only when you’ve removed the resistance can you begin negotiating, and then only once you’ve completed negotiating can you close, so that’s what I mean by a process or progression of events.

It sure would be nice if we could identify a new account and send them a contract. Obviously it doesn’t work that way in hospitality sales or any professional sales position. If it were, we hospitality sales pros wouldn’t be needed.

If you don’t know what some of these five skills are, or just want to learn more about them, I’ve written about them constantly in this blog so you can browse through all the past posts right here. To get started you can read about the use of the flat list and go from there.


Posted 3/18/13


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