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Hotel sales people need to be on time, period.

Hotel sales people need to get in the habit of being on time — it’s a simple as that. Not doing so is one of the major reason sales people fail, not just in the  presentation process, but throughout their career.

The concept of the need for timeliness certainly is not unique to hotel sales. It’s a well-respected concept of business everywhere in North America, Europe and most other countries. Some other areas of the world do not place such a high value on punctuality. If you have to travel in your hotel sales career and meet people in those foreign cultures, you should be sure to understand the customs of the nations you will visit.

Punctuality is important for a number of reasons, but in hotel sales, lack of it can be a career-ender. As you well know, the hospitality industry is all about giving people a great experience. And part of that great experience is not having to sweat the details; the hotel, restaurant, etc. will handle them. If you are punctual it shows the client and/or others in the meeting that you are dependable and can be trusted with the details. Also, it lets others see that you respect their time and place a high value on it.

But timeliness extends past meetings to meeting deadlines. We’ve surveyed meeting planners and one of their top complaints about some in hotel sales is that they do not call when they say they will, or their proposals are not submitted on time. As one said, “If we can’t trust them with the little things, then why should we think we can trust them with the big things?”

Now everyone knows that there can be completely unavoidable situations in hotel sales where you will not be on time. If a tanker truck jack knives on the freeway, or the building burns down, as soon as possible let those who are expecting you that you’ll be late, and offer apologies. Common courtesy tells us that.

But in the 99+% of other cases, being early is the way to go. In fact, the famous football coach Vince Lombardi of the Green Bay Packers enforced what he called “Lombardi Time.” If a player wasn’t 10-15 minutes EARLY to a meeting, he was late…simple as that. Make that your habit, but keep a time management principle in mind: always bring something with you to work on so if you find yourself alone, you can catch up on re-writing a proposal, doing further research or check email from your electronic device, or read more pages on this training blog!

Posted 4/22/13


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  1. Micheal Villones
    5 years ago

    The hotel business never sleeps. Everyone is on a schedule and when you are in sales, its the customers schedule that must come first.

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