Hospitality sales training: an ephipany

hospitality sales training

27,000 hospitality sales pros now know what I learned.

This last weekend I shared with you how I’m truly in touch with the struggles you have in hospitality sales. I started out at the beginning too, and now I’ve gotten to the place where I’ve trained over 27,000 hospitality sales pros over the last 25 years.

As I shared, all of us sales pros are in the same boat: too much to do and not enough time to do it. Servicing existing business, having meetings, administration…it hardly even leaves time for selling, does it?

So just how do you become excellent at maximizing revenue and profit for your hotel while giving the customer an outstanding experience that will bring them back again?

And how do we fight off the competition, who are crawling and scratching for the very same business we’re after?

As I told you this last weekend, after lots of years with a major hotel chain at various resorts, I had an epiphany.

I was setting up my hotel sales training company, but I had to find that “secret sauce” of what it takes to be one of the sales super-stars.

What do the truly great sales people in our industry do to consistently smash quota month in and month out? What characteristics and habits do these people have that makes them so successful and in such demand that they constantly have calls from headhunters looking to lure them away to other companies?

Then in a blinding flash of the obvious, it came to me: ask them.

So I set out to learn from some of the very best. Having been active in many professional organizations in our industry, I knew many of these star players so I figured it would a cinch to find out what makes them tick.

But it soon became apparent that like in so many fields, the very best performers have what is called “conscious incompetence.” That is, they are so used to consistently doing things right, that they find it tough to articulate many of the traits and habits that they rely on day in and day out.

So finding out the habits of the best became a matter of prying the information out of them. And it was no easy task…

But after great effort, I was able to design an exhaustive questionnaire for these people. I combined that with in-depth personal interviews and observing them in action — a sort of high-level time and motion study, if you will.

The result: I was able to isolate the common denominators of these hospitality sales super-stars. Regardless of the type of property these men and women sold for, they had numerous factors in common, and this became the basis for my hotel sales training 25 years ago.

And I’ve had great success with this approach, updating it as we’ve moved along in time, of course. I’ve used it as a foundation to teach over 27,000 hospitality sales people in that time period.

Because this training is so good, I’m consistently traveling around the country doing on-site sales training seminars for hotel and other hospitality companies.

This training is expensive – but worth every penny to my clients. That’s not just my opinion, because now the vast majority of our training business is repeat business. These hospitality firms realize and appreciate the value of this training, so they keep hiring me back.

In short, it produces results. For example, look at this quote from Joan Palmtag of the Muana Lani Resort Hotel:

We felt the entire educational offering was outstanding. Thanks for an excellent and challenging seminar. Each of our sales managers has shown a significant increase in their bookings. My owners are thrilled!

Now this brings us to the present…

As you know, I’ve started the website with training for you at no charge through blogging and video lessons. It’s the same training that I give my clients. Hopefully you’ve been taking advantage of it every week when we publish it. 

For right now, I’d like to have you take a look at one of my live training sessions, so that you can see how we observed and learned from the top hospitality sales pros in the business — the ones that shatter quota month in and month out. Check out this never-before-see video clip right here:


By the way, we’d love to hear if you agree or disagree with these observations. Remember the contest we’re running through May 31st:


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Posted 5/28/13


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  1. Steve Steinhart
    5 years ago

    Thanks for your kind words Samuel F.

    The training, while simple in approach is indeed sophisticated in the method by which we introduce ourselves to our customers.

  2. Samuel F.
    5 years ago

    Steve, this shows a great analytical approach to getting people the training they need. This might well be a standard practice for those in other training areas, but I’ve never really seen this applied to hotel sales. As a result, the training that you’re sharing with us with these articles and videos is unique and first rate — right on the money! Thanks so much!

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