Hotel sales process: do you make this mistake?

hotel sales process

Hotel sales people often misunderstand the sales process.

For many hotel sales people, making effective presentations hinges on an incorrect understanding. We need to set the record straight here, and the experienced hotel sales people will back me up on this.

Many hotel sales people fail in the presentation process because they misunderstand it. They think that the sales presentation process is us telling the customer about what it is that we have: “Well, we’ve got a health club, and an exercise facility, and a business center, and a concierge level lounge, and free parking, and we’ve got this and that and blah and blah. Does any of that have to do with what you might be looking for?”

The hotel sales person then thinks “Please, please, please let this work for you because I really don’t know what I’m doing. I’m feature spewing. I’m spewing brochure content.”

That is very ineffective and really not selling. Many people start talking before they know what to talk about.

This is the key point: most hotel sales people fail in the presentation process because they think telling the customer what it is that we have is the definition of the presentation process. It’s not. That is only fifty percent of the presentation process, and the truth is it’s the second fifty percent. Because the first fifty percent of the presentation process should be us learning enough about what the customer needs so when it comes time to talk, we know what to talk about.

Let me give you the shortest distance between not having a piece of business and booking the piece of business. If you can understand what the customer’s current challenges or problems are at the hotel they’re using right now, and you can resolve those problems and make it the thrust of your presentation, you have a very high statistical probability of wining that piece of business away from the competition.

So it means we hotel sales people are going to have to learn something about the account. Just because it’s on the flat list and we’ve identified it as a target account, we aren’t really ready to call that person yet. You’ll start talking before you know what to talk about. You get really excited, “Wow, we’ve got to call this one right away.” No, I’m begging you, don’t. WE don’t know enough about it. We’re going to sneak up on this account. We’re not just going to try to steal it overnight when we don’t know the client’s needs. You’ve got to do your research.


Posted 5/6/13


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