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Great hospitality sales people avoid becoming victims of procrastination.

Hospitality sales people, in my experience, often say to themselves, “I’ll get to my hospitality sales duties just as soon as I…” Sometimes that something is a task assigned by your manager, and that’s largely an unavoidable time robber. But often, it’s procrastination.

First, let’s establish the fact that our number one priority is hospitality sales, and just about anything else is not as important.

Would you gladly do tomorrow what you should have done today? That’s procrastination.

Does your to-do list have items that are showing up  day after day? That’s procrastination.

In these cases, usually either the task is truly optional or you’re frightened of doing it. When you’re frightened of doing something it’s typically not because you’re really scared of it; it may be because you don’t have enough confidence in your ability to successfully perform the activity. In the case of hospitality sales, we certainly like to think we’re an antidote. Keep coming by for our tips and tricks.

Another reason we procrastinate is because the task is overwhelming. This is what we call, coincidentally enough, an overwhelming A.

As examples, it could be marketing plan time, or it could be revising the budget, or it could be your action plans are due and you don’t have them in yet. And you say to yourself, “this task is important, but it’s going to take 6 hours to finish, and I just don’t have a 6 hour chunk of time.”

Here’s how to attack these large, high priority tasks, particularly the ones that take your time away from hospitality sales: do a little bit now, and then do a little bit later. Do something to keep moving the ball forward. The concept is simple, and I’ll be the first to admit that can tough to accomplish.

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Divide the overwhelming chore into a series of smaller tasks. If it’s the marketing plan, first thing I would do is get last year’s statistics. Secondly, I’ve got to go meet with the front office manager and see what the current and expected patterns and trends are. These are lots of little steps that lead up to completing the big mission.

This is often called “Swiss cheesing” or the Swiss Cheese Method. It’s not a fear of a task, it’s just that it’s so gigantic, you’ve got to do it in smaller pieces. You know the old joke about how you eat an elephant, right? The answer, of course is “one bite at a time.”

So don’t be afraid,get trained.

And avoid being overwhelmed.  From time to time you need to attack an overwhelming task so take little chunks out of the task just like holes in Swiss cheese, and you’re on your way to finishing it.

Your most important task is hospitality sales, so always work towards that.

Posted 10/9/13


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