Hotel sales pros change voicemails often


Hotel sales professionals make it a point to change their voicemail frequently and follow-up quickly to answer any messages.

Hotel sales managers who have read these posts or seen our free training videos know that one of the things that sets us apart in the hotel sales training field is that we’ve done extensive research into the common denominators that make the great hotels sales people just that — great.

In doing this research it came as no surprise that the superior hotel sales superstars change that voicemail twice or more per day.

Here’s what it sounds like: “Hi, this is Steve in the sales office and today is Wednesday November 6th. I am in the office today, however, I’m out on the floor with clients. But if you leave a message I’ll get back to as quickly as possible.” This communicates loud and clear that if the caller becomes a hotel sales customer, he or she will get a high level of attention to detail from you.

You would also add “I promise to get back to you before 11 o’ clock” or for an afternoon message “I promise to get back to you before four o’ clock.” That’s the best there is if there’s no one else there to answer the phone.

Now the key is that you’ve got to call them back before 11, because you said you’d call them back before 11. So if you call them back at 10:30 and they think “…whoa, whoa, most people never call me back the same day. He said he was going to call me back at 11, he called me back at 10:30.” When you do that you have distinguished yourself of being very dependable and the client can assume that you’re a true hotel sales professional, and that is probably a strong indication that you are very good with details.

They’re thinking “Yes, he’s a hotel sales professional and I would like to talk to him, and thanks for calling me back.” That may be all you have to do to beat out the hotel across the street. Just return your phone calls in a timely manner!

hotel sales cell phoneNow, if you really want to make an extra impact, have your office phone forwarded to your cell-phone. But to make this work, you’ve got to change the message on your cell phone too. It will only take thirty seconds or less but the key is to make it a habit. “Hi, this is Steve, you’ve reached my cell phone, today is Wednesday November 6th. I’m out calling on customers today but if you leave a message I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.”

An additional key to making this work is to check your voicemail often. One of the great features of cell phones now is that you don’t even have to call in to see if you have a voicemail. You can just look at the screen, so make it a habit to check at least every 660 minutes. Since you’re never more than an hour between calls, you can call the customer back while you’re sitting in your car or other quiet place and impress them. Hotel sales customers tell us all the time that this blows them away.

Imagine receiving this callback: “Hi Jeffrey, this is Steve Steinhart. I got your voice mail and I wanted to get back to you. I’m out on the road today but I always make it a point to call you back. How can I help you?” There you are: bona fide, competent, organized and professional! You’ve really put yourself above the competition in hotel sales and the client thinks that of all my hotel sales contacts, you’re the only one who always calls me back.

That may be all you need to do. You better ask yourself this question, are you just another hotel sales person, or do you want to be extraordinary? This little habit will distinguish you from the competitive set — just change your voicemail at least once per day. It may be all you need to do to secure a piece of business.

Posted 11/6/13


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