Hotel Sales Pros are Confident

Hotel sales people have confidence

Hotel sales managers need to develop confidence in themselves and their hotel.

As a hotel sales manager, you need to develop confidence in several things, not the least of which is yourself. If you are shy or lacking confidence, take heart. You can improve your confidence level over time if you set your mind to it.

In general, there are a variety of resources that you can use to increase your overall confidence level and lower the fears that may be holding you back. These can be beneficial for not just those in hotel sales, but in any field. Even if you were to leave the hotel sales field, confidence will help you in your career, your relationships, your earning power, etc. So raising your confidence level is something you can and should do.

But there is a certain level of confidence that specifically affects those in hotel sales.

A hotel sales manager must have confidence in three areas:

  • his or her property,
  • the people that work there, and
  • his or her ability to sell the hotel to customers.

The new hotel sales person certainly does not have much control over how the hotel looks, where it is located, etc. However, you must keep in mind that every hotel on the planet has characteristics that render it difficult to sell. These are called foreseeable or anticipatable objections, and you can read more about them here.

To develop confidence in the hotel staff and team, you have to get closer to them on a professional and even personal level. You’d be surprised at what even an entry level sales manager can do to encourage the efforts and work from other staff members, regardless of department. And as you bond with the staff members, you’ll develop more confidence in their abilities. At first you may just take advantage of chance encounters with other staff in the hotel to get to know them. Take opportunities to call them by name, thank them for their hard work, and congratulate them on professional and personal successes that you learn about. Another excellent way to increase your confidence in the hotel staff is seek out positive comments and testimonials about them. If your hotel does not have a system for guests to leave feedback, encourage them to do so. And when the positive comments do come in, take note of that and your confidence in the staff will increase. Even if there are negative comments, these will form the basis for improvement in employee skills and attitudes, and this improvement will increase your ¬†confidence level in the improving staff members.

Finally, to improve your personal ability to sell your hotel to your customers, you have to be prepared. In hotel sales and so many aspects of business, this means you need to get training. We applaud you for your efforts to read this blog training and view our hotel sales training videos so that you can increase your skills. As your hotel sales skill levels increase, so will you confidence in the ability to sell your hotel.

But remember, even if you have fantasies about working for a 5-star exclusive resort property on a tropical beach with an absolutely perfect staff, you know that that hotel would not be a good match for a meeting for a group of librarians from middle America. You obviously have to target your efforts to those groups, individuals, etc. that would be a good match for your hotel. When you know you’re selling to a group that matches your hotel profile and market, your sales efforts will yield more and more success.

And it’s an endless circle: success breeds confidence which brings more success. This is true in hotel sales and all aspects of life.


Posted 6/17/13


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  1. Bill W.
    5 years ago

    Wow, I’ve got to tell you this really hit home, especially about the staff. I must admit to being a bit of a fault-finder but this is a good encouragement to find out what the employees are doing right, not wrong. Thanks!

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