Hotel sales people should understand cues of entering the negotiation phase

recognize the negotiation phase

Top hotel salespeople recognize when they are entering the negotiating phase.

If you have a hotel sales position, you want to be able to recognize the physical cues of your client when they are beginning to negotiate. This is when hotel sales pros go from the stage where they are removing sales resistance and moving into negotiating. This is critical because it means that the client is no longer trying to see IF they can bring the business to you. At this point by entering into negotiations, they are communicating that you pass the minimum requirements and they are moving on to see if they can strike a deal that will actually award you that hotel sales business.

The first point the hotel sales person needs to recognize in the client, whether speaking over the phone or in person, is that the customer’s voice will being to slow down and drop an octave or two. If you can discern this at the time, you’re probably a seasoned hotel sales pro, and you know you’ve entered that negotiating phase.

Often at this point the client will want to start talking about money. If you’re on-site together he or she might say, “So let me ask, why don’t we sit down, and you know, maybe we could start talking about some of the figures?”

If you had any doubt about whether you were negotiating, you can be certain now that you’ve truly entered that phase. The hotel sales professional should be asking  his- or her self at this point, who has the position? IF you do that you’ll probably be in control, if you don’t, you won’t. As an example of a case of the latter, we’ve actually done test calls when the hotel sales person actually blurts out, “Well, our rates begin at $189 but I’ll give you $129!” Obviously a seasoned hotel sales pro wouldn’t do that. But would you be tempted to do that?

Why would you lower price before you’ve entered the negotiating phase? You shouldn’t, of course.  That’s blatantly obvious when you read it here, but often hotel sales people are too big a rush to enter the negotiating phase. Lots of hotel sales people just want to make the sale, so they mess this up.

Instead, you have work to do to be sure that this will be a good fit for both parties. If you have, then once you have overcome all the client’s objections you can get into negotiations.

hotel sales in beautiful locationWhen you get to that point and you are face to face with the client, sit down in your hotel (or restaurant, etc.) for these negotiations in the prettiest place possible. If you have a great view, whether indoors or out, choose that. Maybe it’s just a well-decorated room, or something overlooking a stunning lobby. Use your property’s advantage to make a strong but unspoken impression on the client. As a hotel sales pro, you definitely want to know these spots and when they’re available for you to use.

When you’re sitting in the nicest spot in your hotel, that definitely adds to your position in the negotiating.

Posted 7/8/13


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