Meetings are a Huge Time Waster for Hotel Sales Managers

hotel sales meetings cost money

Too many meetings keep hotel sales managers away from their primary job of selling.

In the arena of hotel sales, we have far too many meetings during prime selling time — that is between 9 and 5. Every moment that is spent in any meetings during the work day are moments that a hotel sales manager could have spent selling to a current or previously unsold hotel sales customer.

So I implore those in hotel sales management to stop planning meetings between 9 and 5 whenever possible.

As a hotel sales manager or director of sales, you’ve got to seize control of meetings and when they are held. We find in our studies of productive vs. non-productive sales offices, that if meetings are held between 9 and 5, there is a high probability that the meetings are held them because it’s most convenient for the DoS. That should NOT be the determining factor. Convenience is not usually best for your hotel sales efforts.

If you’re having meetings to read your menus between 9 and 5, it’s most likely because  it’s most convenient for the chef. Folks, it doesn’t really matter what’s convenient for the chef. The chef doesn’t sell for the hotel sales manager or provide his or her money.

Wasted time in meetings is not just a problem in our industry.

It is estimated that throughout American businesses in general, between 25 – 50% of meeting time is wasted.


hotel_sales_yawnTo make your meetings more efficient and help maximize your selling time, there are a number of things that can be done to meet other than at business hours.

Consider these ideas to make your meetings run quickly and smoothly:

  • Don’t have a meeting at all unless it is necessary. Why have a meeting if the same information can be communicated in a memo, e-mail or brief report? It’s staggering how many meetings aren’t even necessary.
  • Combine two different meetings into one. If the same participants are required for more than one topic, merge the meetings to take leverage the presence of all the relevant parties.
  • Meetings should have pre-determined objectives. Before creating the meeting agenda, determine its objective. The better defined your objectives, the more focused your agenda will be, and if the meeting is run properly, the more efficient it will be.
  • Take time to create an agenda before your meetings. By spending a little time creating an agenda with a short description of meeting objectives, a list of the topics to be covered and a list of who is expected to provide input or information, you will save immense amounts of time at the meeting. To be sure that happens, follow the agenda closely!
  • I have a favorite trick to get on the meeting agenda first, or at least very early. If, for example, I’m scheduled to speak about an incoming group I’ve booked, I want everyone in attendance to know what is needed and/or going to happen. e.g. there’s no group lunch on day 2, so those in the restaurant need to provide extra staff to handle the crowd.  Or maybe I need to let the front desk people know that we have a busload of guests arriving at a certain time, so that they will be ready with their registration packets and keys… that sort of thing. Whatever the issue, you should make an effort to get on the agenda early so that you can get in and get out if other topics are discussed that don’t need your input. Then you can go back to selling.
  • At meetings, assign action items when the item is to be continued, either in private or at future meetings. So at the end of each meeting decide how to move forward on that action item.
  • Periodically you should examine your meeting process. Ideally this can be done at the end of the meeting (but can be done later if necessary) assess what took place and make a plan to improve the next meeting.

 The bottom line for hotel sales is that meetings should be done as efficiently as possible and not held in prime selling time. 



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