The Sales Vacuum is a Favorite Tool of Hospitality Sales Pros

sales vacuum

sales vacuumSales vacuum: what is it?

As you know, we’ve done extensive studies into what makes hotel sales superstars the best in the business. One of those common denominators is that they take advantage of the sales vacuum.

A classic definition of a vacuum is any empty physical space. That’s the concept we’re trying to emulate with the sales vacuum.

A sales vacuum is an environment in which a sales person isolates themselves for a full hour.

During that 60 minutes, you don’t do anything other than make sales calls to those on your flat list. If you’ve been following our training for awhile, you will know that the flat list is your personal list of previously unsold accounts.

If you work in a sales office and everyone has cubicles, this technique is not going to work very well. The environment is too loud and there are too many distractions: people talking and laughing, radios playing, folks walking by (as likely as not, carrying food!) and so forth.

Ideally, you should find an office in your hotel where you can be by yourself with just your computer (optional, but preferred) and a telephone.

sales vacuum

And it also needs to be QUIET. In years gone by, we used to think that sales people had to be in the office to make their calls, but it really isn’t necessary any more. You can create a sales vacuum in your home. This is case-specific, of course. A good example of where this might work extremely well is if the hotel sales person on the West Coast of the U.S. or Canada calls on corporate or group business on the East Coast. In such a case, staying at home to create a sales vacuum early in the morning to make calls might be ideal.

sales vacuum

Other possibilities include using an unused guest room or suite or meeting room to create your sales vacuum.

I’m even aware of some directors of sales that have taken an empty closet somewhere that no one uses and turned it into the sales vacuum room; sales people sign up for it in advance.  You can even go to your car and use your cell-phone to create a sales vacuum. Wherever you can create you hotel sales vacuum (or better yet, your director of sales, GM, or catering director creates for you), you need the ability to block the world off for that hour.

And frankly, the hotel had better be on fire before someone interrupts you.

Brainstorm with your manager to work out a situation where you can create a sales vacuum. You’ll be amazed how much more selling time you get when you have uninterrupted sales time.

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