The Trial Close in Hotel Sales

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Our studies show the trial close in hotel sales is used frequently by the very best hospitality sales professionals.

We’ve written here often about how we’ve done extensive studies on what common denominators make the very best hotel sales managers what they are: the best. They shatter quota month in and month out.

One of these common denominators is using the trial close in hotel sales.

As hotel sales professionals, we are always trying to get the customer to say “yes” in a way that’s a win-win for both parties. One great method to stay on track is the trial close in hotel sales.

The trial close is used in many industries besides hotels. As sales expert David Straker says, “A trial close is not a normal ‘closing technique’ but a test to determine whether the person is ready to close.”

Here’s an example. You think that you have got just about everything wrapped up with nothing left to negotiate, so you’d say to your client “How does that sound, Mary? Do you think that we’re getting close enough, and can start preparing the contract?” That’s world’s apart from “Would it be alright if I send you a contract?”

Seasoned hotel sales veterans know that if you can get an answer of “Yes” to that question, you’ve successfully completed the trial close in hotel sales.

trial close in hotel sales move to yesIf the answer is no, you’re not yet ready to close. You probably have a resistance point that needs to be uncovered and removed.

This point of resistance may just be a simple request for information. So if you think that you’re ready to close the deal and the client resists, step back and find out why not. You’ll want to quiz the client to see just what this sticking point is.

A word of caution — don’t overuse the trial close.

If you try a trial close on a client, and the response is negative, don’t be in a rush with the same client to use the trial close in hotel sales until you have

  • answered the objection just given
  • quickly think through any potentially troublesome objections

The trial close will always let the seasoned hospitality sales person know where in the process he or she is.



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