Inbound Hotel Sales Calls

inbound hotel sales calls

Proper handling of inbound hotel sales calls require a human response.

There are two unforgivable sins in hotel sales when receiving inbound hotel sales calls:

  1. Telling the customer that the person they should be speaking with in not available and nobody can help him or her.
  2. Making the customer try to communicate with someone at the hotel and not letting him or her speak with a live human being.

Hotel sales pros must set up a system to ensure that those issues do not arise when receiving inbound hotel sales calls.

The customer should ALWAYS be able to speak with a live human being. And once they do speak with a person, that live human needs to be trained to begin the hotel sales process.

inbound hotel sales calls

I want to carefully word this next statement about WHO might handle these calls.

There are many people who might possibly handle an inbound sales call: sales managers, hotel operator, administrative assistants, and even the general manager. We’ve spoken to them all when we make test calls for our consulting business. And frankly, some of your administrative assistants do better on our inbound hotel sales calls than the salespeople!

That person who takes the call can always begin the process by gathering information, even if he or she is not authorized to quote rates or close the deal. For example, a simple inquiry such as “Let me ask you some questions please, so that we can get you the appropriate information (or the appropriate person). What days are you considering, how many people are going to be there, may I get your phone number, etc.”

One error that is all too common is saying “Let me get your phone number in case we get cut-off.” That gives a bad impression and suggests that at your office you have problems getting cut off, and that implies if they book with you,they’ll have the same problems. Very bad start!

If you have a situation where the information gatherer (such as a receptionist, operator, etc.) needs to refer the call, make sure that you devise a method to forward that information. As an example, on a computer network he or she could fill out a form as they go that would be accessible to the next person. You do NOT want the potential client to have to start over after already giving the first person the relevant info. At that point, the client is thinking “Well, I just gave that first person all that info, and you going are going to make me say it again? Come on, what is my time worth, anyway? Here I’m trying to bring you business, I’ve got money in my pocket and you’re horsing around verifying information?”

The bottom line: for proper handling of inbound hotel sales calls, give the prospect a positive feeling about your hotel while moving along the sales process.


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