The Hotel Sales Sequence

hospitality sales sequence

Hospitality sales pros need to follow the sales sequence in order.

The hotel sales sequence is a proven formula that must be followed if the sales person wants to get a signed contract with a new client. If the sales sequence is not followed, there’s little chance that the business that you’re pursuing will actually come to your hotel.

There are five aspects of the hotel sales sequence.

Hotel sales people need to master each one of these steps to be successful. They are:

  • identification of new accounts
  • making presentations to those accounts
  • removing resistance to the point of sale
  • negotiating
  • closing

I have written extensively about these 5 stops in the hotel sales sequence here on this blog. If you need a refresher on any, please feel free to browse through these posts.

In short, you begin the sales sequence by identifying potential clients—only by finding and identifying the account can you present yourself and your hotel to them. Only upon completion of your presentation can you work to remove any resistance that the client has. And only when you have removed the resistance can you start the negotiating phase, and then at the close of the negotiations can you close.

The key to the 5 steps is that they must be done in a fixed progression. You must begin the selling sequence from hotel sales skill number one. You must complete number one, and then you will be ready to move on to number two. Then you must finish with #2 before you move onto #3, etc.

For example you can not finish skill #1 and go directly to #5. Despite the fact that we wish we could go right from identifying a new account to closing them, it can’t be done. It’s like if you were single and you meet someone in whom you’re interested, and then get married. You’ve got to go through the process. That’s how it is with hotel sales as well.

not the sales sequenceYou can not bounce around.

To repeat, if you are unfamiliar with the five skills above, or want to explore them more in depth, poke around on this blog. I suggest you get started with step #1 and learn more about getting new clients using a flat list, and go from there.




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